Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Fun Begins!

...and what way to start the fun than by picking up a new vehicle! Ain't she a beauty?!

We decided to go with a mini-van since we needed the extra room for the kids (the Ford Focus just wasn't going to cut it) and I rode in many a mini-van growing up. It has more storage room and when it comes to durability on northern roads, I'll put my money on the new vehicle over the other one any day. Now, I'd like to think of this as my first vehicle. It sort of is since my name was on the cheque.....except for one little detail - my name doesn't appear to be on the ownership. And why you ask, would that be? Quite simply, I sort of neglected to get a license way back at a time when most young males crave one. I meant to get one eventually but then life just got in the way. And hey, I spent the last 6 years in Nunavut so its not like I was going to be doing any big road trips anyway. So, Lisa's name actually appears on the ownership and I guess I am now out of reasons for delaying getting my license.

When we got home with the new chariot, we saw that my containers from Nunavut that I had mailed last week had arrived. It only took a week which is excellent time considering the distance traveled and that we will be moving from Brockville in the next couple weeks. I add reluctantly, that this pile is only half of what I sent out. The first half arrived here a couple weeks earlier. Going through it all wasn't fun but a large chunk of it will be put into storage here.

Dude, way to clog up Mommy's living room with boxes of junk!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

You are moving to AB. No minivans allowed! Only big-ass trucks that make ours look tiny!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to have a licence to own a vehicle - just wouldn't be able to drive it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You don't need a licence to own a vehicle. If you do buy a drivable vehicle you have to list on your insurance who the "Primary" driver is. That's all.