Saturday, July 18, 2009

Slowly Getting There

As noted on my other blog, Way Way Up, I am slowly getting things done. With luck I will be able to pay for shipping the rest of my belongings on Monday and fly out of Nunavut on Tuesday. On another good note, it appears that a long awaited package of information that I have been waiting for for some time from my school board has finally arrived (mail moves slowly above the Arctic Circle at times) and I'll be able to pick that up Monday as well. I was also able to track down my registration number with the Ontario College of Teachers as I need to complete certification papers for Ontario (where I took my teacher training) before I can start tackling all the Alberta paperwork. I let my membership with the Ontario College of Teachers lapse back in 2004 since I've never taught in Ontario, so at the time I didn't see the need to keep it up.

I'm not used to being in a situation where I have to rely on things that are not under my control. But once I can fly out of here back to Ontario I will be in a better situation to move the slow grinding process along. For the moment I can only sit and wait as there are a lot of things that need to fall into place.


Bonnieupnorth said...

I wondered what you would call the new is now a question of what is north...welcome all of you to Alberta my home province but some how keep me meandering further back to Nunavut...glad to be back in the Baffin for July although 3 AM sun rises are a challenge.

Way Way Up said...

The name doesn't have the ring of the old blog but it was the best I could come up with at the time. I took part of the name from my new school board as a tip of the hat so to speak as I start a new chapter. I did also do up a post on the whole issue of who one defines the North, sometime during the past year I believe though I don't remember exactly at the moment. My new home is still plenty North for me.