Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Packed

After one final day of packing we are pretty much all set. The truck comes tomorrow morning. We have a few last items to go off to Good Will or go into storage but other than that we have cleared another big hurdle. Other than an rather unwelcome visitor who screamed like a banshee, things went quickly and smoothly. I've learned quickly over the past few days just how much clothing needs to be packed for household of 5. The original estimate of 100 boxes is probably something like, I don't know, 500 000 by now. At least I don't have to lug it up from the basement. I'll gladly leave that task to the guys who load our truck in the morning.

August 17 we leave Brockville for Chard, Alberta!


Kennie said...

Have a fun and safe trip you guys! I'll be flying over ya at some point in the morning :-)

Anonymous said...

Darcy! Your hiding on me!!! Just found your new blog - so does this mean you'll be discontinuing the otherone??? Safe travels & make sure you let me know when you "land" in Alberta - Wish we could have had more time to visit!
Love you lots

Way Way Up said...

Sorry Amber...thought I had told you. I'm going to keep up the old blog too but I'll just use it to comment occassionally on Northern issues so I won't be posting as often. Hopefully the internet availability is decent in Chard so I can keep up with the blogging.