Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park

This post was originally intended to be about Lac La Biche (the town) but Lac La Biche (the lake) ended up partially stealing the show. We've been down there a few times and are growing fond of the area. I had hoped to get some nice pictures but didn't have my camera with me until our last trip there this past weekend. And of course, on the day we headed down it was raining quite steadily. We took a quick detour later in the afternoon though to drive through Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park. It was still quite overcast but at least the rain was finished for the day. A lot of the interesting little places we've discovered up here in the area have been quite by accident. Usually it starts off with Lisa or I asking, "I wonder what's down this road," or "Let's take a drive over there and check things out." As always our curiosity was richly rewarded. The park was wonderfully decked out in fall colours and we look forward to returning in warmer weather to take advantage of the swimming and camping opportunities.

We didn't let this branch stop us from enjoying the fall colours. We were able to move it just enough and stomp down enough branches to be able to drive safely around it. I'm glad I let Lisa convince me to move the branch otherwise I wouldn't have been able to take all the subsequent pictures.

The beach area was quite nice. I wish we would have found it back when the weather was much more inviting for a swim. There were a lot of bushes around the beach area. I loved the fiery red colouration.

While it's hard to tell from the two following pictures the waves were really kicking up with all the high winds. Every time we've been past the lake we've seen white caps on it. The winds I'm sure are one reason why Lac La Biche is one of the last of Alberta's bigger lakes to freeze up in the fall.

We really can't wait to get back here in summer weather!

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