Sunday, November 22, 2009

Janvier Airport

Welcome to Janvier Airport....daily

We have a humble little airstrip here in Janvier - a simple grass runway on a hill servicing rural firefighting and medical evacuations. Its a quiet, peaceful place separated from the back of the property here by a strip of woodland....ensuring that if and when a flight lands we won't hear much of a sound.


Timothy Ross said...

Humble it is, I wonder, have you ever seen a plane on it?

There is a saw mill at the back of the airstrip to the side where your house is, you should go do some exploring, might be some good trails in there for snowshoing or cross country sking.

Way Way Up said...

No plane sightings yet, though the kids and I did see a big grader last time we were there. We saw the same saw mill a few days ago that we had driven too at the back of the airstrip. The trail at the end of our road will take you there. We also found out that the trail will also take you out as far as Bohn Lake. It's about an hour's walk or so but I'm hoping to make it there before it gets too cold.