Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lac La Biche

The big draw when we moved here of course was Fort McMurray. While the place is still pricey compared with other cities, it has pretty much all the conveniences you could care for. And we can get there easily enough in about an hour's driving time. Increasingly, We've been drawn a little further south, to Lac La Biche and what it has to offer, at the southern end of Highway 881. While it doesn't have anything like a big mall and it takes a half hour longer to drive there than the drive to Fort McMurray, the community does boast some nice parks, plenty of outdoor opportunities, an historic Mission, and nice views. The other thing we appreciate about LLB compared to McMurray are the much more reasonable housing prices. We like to poke around at housing when we go down there, if only to get an idea of what's available, and we've liked what we've seen so far.


Clare said...

Good housing prices sure, but the house in the photo looks like it might take a little work Darcy.

Way Way Up said...

We joked about that a lot too. There are plenty of properties between here and Edmonton for sale with the original derelict houses or other outbuildings on them. We actually didn't realize the property this particular old house was on was even for sale the first few times we drove by it. I just thought it would make for an interesting picture. It does have a fantastic lake view though even the house needs some major TLC.