Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where We Are

A little while back on a trip down to Edmonton I happened across a backroads atlas for Northern Alberta and picked up a copy. We were amazed (or at least I was) at just how many little roads and trails there are up here and we look forward to doing some future exploring around the municipality. I should add that that's a lot of potential trips as the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is larger than a few European countries. Anyhow, I digress already. In a bid to give people an idea of exactly where we are, I took a couple close-up shots from the atlas. I admit these photos are pretty bad but hopefully they give anyone who's interested a general idea of where we call home.

First, the big view. The large green area at the top is Wood Buffalo National Park. Fort McMurray is located in square 63. Janvier is in square 41.

Here is a closer view of the immediate area....again this isn't the paragon of photography but you get the idea. Janvier is in the top right hand corner of the map. The body of water to the east of the community is Bohn Lake. The community of Conklin is roughly 40km south of us.

....and as an added bonus, the black line on the map below is the winter road about 45km north of here which connects Highway 881 to La Loche Saskatchewan. I taught there for a year before moving up to Nunavut and I would dearly love to use it to travel back to Saskatchewan with Lisa and the kids once the road opens. I had the opportunity back then to spend a couple bone-jarring hours on this "road" on a day trip to Fort McMurray. While it wasn't my first experience on a winter road, it was a memorable occasion since we blew a tire along the way.....but that's a whole other story.

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