Sunday, December 13, 2009


The past few days we've been hit with quite the little cold snap. Having spent time in a number of places over a big chunk of the Canadian north over the past few years, I suppose I can't stare blankly ahead open-mouthed like I'm shocked that the mercury can dip well below freezing during winter up here. I should say that Lisa and the kids are doing a pretty good at dealing with the nippy weather. Lisa and I even managed to put a new tire on the van in -32C weather this afternoon with little trouble.

What surprises me a little about this little cold snap is just how early in the season it has appeared. Most communities I've worked in have seen their share of frosty days but from my experience the real cold doesn't make its full appearance until at least January. I can only recall one year, in Fort Smith, where temperatures seemed to get this cold before Christmas although my perceptions at the time were doubtless tainted from being spoiled the mild temperatures of Windsor, Ontario during my university days. All this is to say, in a long, rambling, off-topic way, that I find it interesting that last night it was actually warmer in Arctic Bay than in Fort McMurray where an extreme wind chill warning persists.

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