Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Rink

Slowly, the new outdoor rink beside the school is taking shape. The plan was to build a roof over the existing ice pad to cut down on the time, cost and headache of clearing off the surface after every time it snowed. (No zamboni here, folks.) Apparently, once construction began, someone realized that the new roof would hang over off the property line so they then had to tear everything out - including the rink and move it back a few feet. Things are moving quickly now. The picture below was taken early Friday morning and when we passed it on the way home that evening, the metal structure was already covered with a giant piece of fabric for the roof.

Here is the best picture I could find of the old rink, chain-link fences, horses and all.


Timothy Ross said...

Like who would care! I find that hard to believe, what a waste of money, over the property line, wow, like who would care there. Government!

Way Way Up said...

I know. It was supposed to be a simple project when it all started out so I have no idea how something so simple like adding a roof could cause so many problems. They sure had a lot of big trucks come down our road back just before the snow started sticking around and that really chewed up the roads. I told Lisa we should expand the house out past the property line and see if government raises a stink and we end up getting a really nice rec. room or garage out of the deal....ah's a nice thought.