Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jumping Through The Hoops

So far so good with our house. We passed a big hurtle yesterday at the bank. I phoned an 800-number, thinking I could do some financial fun over the phone, only to discover that we had to go into town to be able to do it. So we set up an appointment and headed out. When we arrived late in the afternoon we discovered with shock and trepidation that the bank had no idea we were coming and I'm not sure there was even an appointment set up. Fortunately, they agreed to fit us in and we got things taken care of. Now, there's just the legal stuff to get a jump on.....that should be fun.

Tomorrow we will head up to Fort Mac late in the afternoon with the kids and Lisa's mom to show them the house. I'm looking forward to it very much. With the mild weather I'm sure the new deck in the back is all cleared off. In my mind's eye I've pictured myself many times getting up on a cool spring or summer morning with my morning coffee and newspaper to read out on the deck. Lisa also has a number of clients set up for daycare. The most recent ad that she put a mere 48 hours ago has already garnered 75 views. With luck I'll be able to pull my head out of the clouds tomorrow long enough to remember to bring my camera with me for some pictures.

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