Saturday, April 24, 2010

Built To Last

I did have another picture on my laptop showing the sorry shape our little backyard tree was in after our last big snow storm but I just haven't been able to breathe some life into my Mac so I can't show it. It's probably just as well. I really thought the poor thing was history so best not to relive old memories. As it turned out it has recovered quite nicely. (A couple branches will have to go but all in all I can't complain.) Score one against Mother Nature.

The other thing this picture shows that held its own against the deluge of snow was the nice little shelving unit to the right of the tree. My soon to be father-in-law built it out of small limbs cut from around the property at our old house in Janvier and lashed it together quite tightly. It served as a nice boot shelf in our basement and we were glad to be able to bring it with us to Fort Mac. where it will now serve as part of our future garden. The storm dumped so much snow on it that there reached a point where I was kicking myself for not trying to get it inside out of the elements or at least into our backyard shed. But a quick inspection once everything had all melted off it showed now breaks or cracks. Now that's some good craftsmanship for you.

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