Thursday, April 22, 2010

Get Up And Go

Things are coming along rather nicely here at the Chateau. We finally managed to get our internet connection set up here at the house this morning so for those of you wondering about unresponded-to emails, I wasn't ignoring you,I've just been understandably sidetracked by a myriad of other things.

Last week, we went to something called "Get Up and Go" at the rec centre. This was an opportunity to peruse some tables set up by various groups in town to give newcomers such as ourselves an idea of all that is available. I took a pass on the belly-dancing and scuba diving lessons but I did pick up some good info on an amateur theatre group and some good information on recreation events and some tourist brochures. I also got hold of a decent map of the Birchwood Trails. This is a local trail system here used by the local running and skiing club among many other people and a place I've been itching to explore for some time now. I also bumped into a lady I've been playing telephone tag with the past couple weeks over some contract work.

I also hope to get some pictures up soon. I've been a bit delayed with that since aside from having no internet until today, my Mac, which was been dying a slow death for some time now, seems to have given up on me for good. I still have hopes of resuscitating the thing but that will have to wait for the moment. We have a new Gateway computer with a nice wide touch screen. I just have to adjust to using the new keyboard.

Lisa has started the daycare a couple weeks early. People work some pretty crazy shift work in this town. Lisa's first clients arrive at 5:30am and the last child leaves at 6pm. Yesterday we had 7 kids in the house aged 6 and under. Three of them were our own of course but it made for a busy day. Yesterday was the first day we had had that many and the week has been a good test run. There is still plenty to do and it keeps us on our toes.


Morena said...

Come one! Go for the belly dancing. Sounds like fun!

5:30am till 6? Then bed at 6:15 I would imagine? That has to be exhausting!

Way Way Up said...

The only reason I don't go for the belly dancing is, well, I need to have a belly first.

Long exhausting days for Lisa yes. I'm used to the early starts but it was still a long week. Lisa has a potential client whose child would start arriving at 4:30am if she was to take her in in the fall so 5:30am doesn't sound so bad at the moment.