Saturday, May 29, 2010

Clear Water But A Dusty Road

A Saturday afternoon drive took us down the valley of the Clearwater River. There's a good deal of history behind this river as it was part of the old fur trade route stretching from Montreal to the Rockies and north to the arctic. Back in the day many an explorer came down this river route seeking to unlock the interior of the country and plumb its thick forest for valuable furs and other trade goods. The head of the river lies over the border in Saskatchewan. From there it flows west until it empties into the Athabasca at Fort McMurray. When I lived in La Loche, I had a chance to see the river from much further upstream. I can vouch for the great fishing there.

Anyhow, we followed a dusty dirt road through the valley until we reached its terminus a few kilometres out of town. While the valley may not have a spectacular mountain backdrop of a river closer to the Rockies, it was lush and green and there were some nice views along the way. Unfortunately, we weren't able to capture as much as we wanted on camera since passing vehicles were kicking up quite a lot of dust. The header picture atop this blog was actually taken further up the valley earlier in the Spring at the ski hill so you can get a taste of what the area looks like in the winter season.

Here are a few pictures Lisa and I took along the way.

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