Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Dawn Rising

I've never written a post about books I've read mostly because I always thought most people wouldn't find them all that interesting. That plus I'm hardly a qualified critic afterall. Much of what I read pertains to history. I just finished a book looking into German life under Nazism in WWII and I've just started a new book examining the role of science during the Third Reich and the Nazi's appreciation of it (or lack thereof). Occassionally I read historical fiction which admittedly I haven't read much of though I did finish up a very interesting book on the Black Death shortly after Christmas.

Anyhow, all of this is to say that the latest book I've come across is not only historical fiction but also has a local connection. A New Dawn Rising is written by local author Patricia Budd. You can visit her website here. Ms. Budd is an English teacher at one of the local high schools here in Fort McMurray and Lisa very thoughtfully picked up a signed copy of her book for me when she visited the Women's Spring Trade Show here recently. What piques my interest about this piece of historical fiction is that it has nothing to do at all with the oil patch as one might expect. Rather, it deals with the issue of slavery and takes place in 19th century Georgia. From what I've gathered from the critiques I've read so far, the author has really done her research and pulls things off wonderfully.

I haven't read it yet (though it is next in the queue right after my book on the Battle of Berlin that intevened after the other 2 WWII books...honest..I know Lisa thinks I read WAY too many books on WWII, but I promise) but I'm very much looking forward to it. Not only is the book by a local author but it also deals with some interesting subject matter given that it deals with slavery in Georgia in the early 19th century, a time and place very far removed from northern Alberta's oil patch. The reviews I've seen are quite favorable so I look forward to delving into this book.

UPDATE - I should also add, since it's come to my attention, another recently published local author. All of 17 and still in high school....the one right around the corner from our house here come to think of it.

I've had it in mind to write a book now for some time so, with any luck, perhaps I'll be able to make this into some sort of Fort Mac triumverate. At any rate, there's some nice talent in this town and its nice to see it out on display.

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