Saturday, May 8, 2010

On The Trail

A lazy Friday afternoon and half decent weather gave us a good excuse to take another walk on the nearby Birchwood trail. This time I went armed with a trail map so we had a much easier time navigating the myriad trails. I also remembered (finally) to take my binoculars along. I'm quite glad I did as I used them to catch a decent view of a Bohemian Waxwing (my first of the season) atop a very tall spruce tree that I otherwise would have missed.

Tamara and Nicholas look down into the creek valley from the top of a ridge.

Every place with dead fall, moss or a puddle needed to be thoroughly explored.

The trails were mercifully much drier than last time we went though there was still the odd patch of snow either trail side or along the creek bed. This was the kids first time seeing snow this late in the season.

Not only were there many robins, herring gulls and magpies to be seen during our walk but also some more non-winged creatures as well. Just as I was cresting a hill, I noticed some movement a few yards ahead. My initial impression was that two large white dogs had slipped their leashes and were running erratically down the trail. Both creatures dashed into the bush and as they did so I noticed that were not dogs at all but a couple of white-tail deer which Tamara was also able to see before they disappeared. A picture of their tracks was all I managed to get with the camera as Nicholas and Tamara took a closer look.

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