Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quirky Things About Fort McMurray

Our one month anniversary of living here in Fort McMurray passed by uneventfully on May 3. I had intended to do up a post but was sidetracked by a myriad of other issues. There are things we love and things we don't love but of course the former outnumber the latter or else we wouldn't still be here. In lieu of a lenghty post, mostly because Lisa and I have been putting in 12-hour days as of late with the daycare, I thought I'd give you a short list of fun facts about the place we now call home.

-- Fort McMurray is the 2nd biggest city in Newfoundland (though I'm sure Yellowknife could give us a run for the money on this one.)

-- official slogan - "We have the energy!"

-- location - 430km (270 miles) north of Edmonton

-- actually, Fort Mac was only a city from 1980 until 1995, when it was amalagamated with the surrounding municipality. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is the largest in North America and larger than a few European countries.

-- average price for a detached home (March 2010): $645,000

-- average montly rent for a room - $850-$950

-- number of Tim Hortons - 2!

-- number of McDonald's - 3

-- number of Shar Pei's spotted here to date (excluding our own) - 4

-- home to the largest sport and recreation centre in western Canada

-- average amount of time we waited in line for a car wash at one of the city's 2 car washes -- 40 minutes

-- number of pages in the Yellow Pages advertising escort services - 4 (and I only know this because Lisa told me.....honest)

-- most common colour of vehicle you pass on the way to work - white

-- most common colour of vehicle you pass on the way home from work - grey-black

-- in 1913 clearing began for the construction of Fort Mac's major artery, Franklin Avenue, in order to improve motor traffic.....things don't seem to have improved all that much in the past 97 years.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Escort services eh?

Way Way Up said...

I forgot to add that this place has calmed down somewhat lately. I remember reading somewhere that in 2007 I think it was there was something like 18 pages of escort ads in the Yellow Pages.

Friendly town or what?