Saturday, May 8, 2010

Robins vs. Juncos

After living here for just over a month, I finally got around to getting a bird feeder up in the tree by our deck. I had to get a brand new one as the one we had down in Janvier had been chewed to death by squirrels. We actually love the smaller squirrels we get out here, just not in the feeder. Elijah gets a kick out of watching them scurry along the top of the back fence and points and giggles every time. I picked up a decent squirrel-proof one that blended in well, filled it up and then sat back with the binoculars peering out the kitchen window to see who would show up.

We have been getting quite a few robins and dark-eyed juncos in our backyard as of late so I was curious to see which one would be the first species to discover the new food source. While quite a few robins had flown by this morning, I had my money on the juncos.

Sure enough, the juncos beat out the robins, and did me a favor by eating some of the seed I had spilled on the deck and under the tree. Our current camera doesn't quite have the zoom to take decent bird pictures but I was able to observe one particular fellow for a good 10-minutes before he flew off.

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