Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crossing The Athabasca

The Athabasca is truly one of Canada's great rivers, steeped in history. There are some great views of the river as you descent from some of the subdivisions but unless you are exceedingly brave and want to flirt with traffic, the safest (and only) places I've been to take pictures so far have been from the window of a moving vehicle. Soon enough, I expect the view we have of the river as we come down from Thickwood to be gone as a large overpass is being built at the bottom of the hill. There are a few nice spots along the river we're hopeful to get to to show the kids and get some better pictures.

This shot here is looking north up the valley as you head west. The land on the left shore is actually part of a large island in the middle of the river. In the foreground is the new 5-lane bridge being built which will open next year.

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