Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

While I know its getting to be an old story, I recall hearing last week about an environmental group in the US taking out billboard ads and releasing a video advising travellers to avoid Alberta as a summer travel destination. Frankly, I'm glad they did it. I'd rather not have such enviro-MENTAlS tromping around here, dropping their granola crumbs all over the place and wrecking my serenity.

I take issue with the claim that the size of the development is the size of Great Britain though. The entire municipality of Wood Buffalo is comparable in size with Switzerland(41 284 is much smaller than Great Britain (219 Other than their difficulties in getting their geography right, I think its just plain sad they cast stones given the even bigger oil mess in the Gulf of Mexico (currently the size of Kentucky).

Fort McMurray isn't all tar sands and development. There are many wonderful areas to explore and enjoy. Perhaps these people should actually visit here and find out for themselves rather than casting stones from afar.

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