Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Insane Housing Construction of Fort McMurray

We've been told that the city's population is projected to surpass 100,000 within the next couple years. Given the rate of urban sprawl we've seen, we don't doubt it. Las weekend we took a gander over to a couple of new subdivisions underway. I found it surreal to look out over an area half the size of the town I grew up in to see housing, new roads and still more areas being cleared for growth. This past weekend, we were experiencing a lazy Saturday afternoon and, grabbing the camera this time,we decided to pass some time by going back to gawk. Yes, we did take a lot of pictures but find ourselves in the rare position of having a lot of time on our hands.

Stonecreek, where detached houses start at a mere $554k (or at least the ones we saw).

Cleared for future development.

It looks like it will be a nice area though I did find many of the houses rather generic. We also figured out how they are getting put up so quickly. You take a top.....

....and then lift it up and glue it to the bottom!

The other new subdivision, which already has some developed sections, is called Eagle Ridge.

The majority of the streets here are named after different species of birds.

Some of the view really aren't that bad, I found, though I did remark to Lisa that sadly, some of the best views will be gone after the lots are filled up with condos and houses.

Fort the slogan goes, "We Have The Energy." We also have a lot of housing springing up left, right and centre.


Morena said...

I've seen pre-fab homes before but never tops and bottoms. Interesting!

yukonkennie said...

wow - that is crazy growth! But, I suppose with everyone flocking to the oil fields, gotta have places for families to live eh? ... heck, I might even find myself there one day if the growth continues and there is a demand for edumacators

Way Way Up said... first I didn't quite believe what I was seeing either.

Hey Kendra. It is pretty crazy, but cyclical. Housing starts are supposedly down this month over the same time last year though I find it hard to believe. This place is porjected to hit 120,000 by 2012. And yes, from what I've heard, the demand for teachers here is pretty strong. There is a Catholic High School currently under construction, a brand new middle school due to be built and opened for September 2011 and I know the ground has been cleared for the construction of at least one more elementary school in the near future....up near where some of these pictures were taken.