Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love Those Commanding Views

A few months back I wrote on my other blog about how pretty much every place I've lived in around the north has had at least one special place that has attracted me back time and again. These quiet places allow me to unwind and better appreciate the miracle of nature. They also allow for some nice pictures too if conditions are just right.

While I've put up pictures of the Athabasca River before, I came across a spot with a commanding view of the valley. Lately, I have to admit Lisa has really been "one-uping" me when it comes to discovering the scenic spots. But, while we both had a rough idea of this new location, I will selflessly take the credit for having first discovered it. Parts of the trail leading down into the valley were pretty steep and at a few points I found myself skirting the edge of a rocky cliff within mere inches of a 150 foot drop to the rocks below. It was a little hairy going at times and the heat was pretty intense but some of the vantage points were just spectacular. I suspect parts of that trail may have been originally blazed by a drunken mountain goat.

Three shots of Moberly Rapids.

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Bonnieupnorth said...

Darcy, Love your intro comment..isn't it funny how we tend to blog on certain themes, yours "trails, rivers and scenic views" and mine, " dogs and flowers " Yes there is work but these blog themes are often different seasons in our lives. When they change there is often a new blog.