Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Under Construction

With the warmer weather it seems that there is construction going on all over the place now. It's a little difficult to see in this picture here but in the background is the new 5-lane bridge being built across the river....price tag $127 million. I forget off hand when its supposed to be completed but it won't be too much longer now. Hopefully this will prevent Highway 63 from turning into a parking lot during rush hour.

(In care you're wondering, the above picture was taken at the 8th hole of a golf course on the far side of the river from where we live.)

Along with the bridge project are a couple of new overpasses to the Thickwood and Timberlea subdivisions. Price tag....$64 million...but you get a widening of Highway 63 along with that. If you're not familiar with the layout of Fort Mac, Highway 63 crosses the Athabasca and continues along its west bank up to all the big oil sands projects. Within about 5km of crossing the bridge though are a couple turn offs up into Thickwood and Timberlea. Thickwood has pretty much grown as much as it can I would think but Timberlea is still expanding. (I'll have pictures up soon of all the insane housing that's going up up there.) I have no idea how many people actually live up in this area but its probably safe to say that at least half the city does. So with all the commuters added to all the big trucks and construction equipment heading further up the highway to the oil sands, this little highway is just not a fun place to be at certain times of the day. The improved traffic flow from these two projects can't come soon enough.

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