Monday, July 5, 2010

Grayling Terrace

Just a random shot from around town. This is in one of the last parts of Fort Mac we hadn't been to yet. Grayling Terrace was one of the city's first subdivisions built back in the '70's I believe. Oddly enough, this little piece of Grayling Terrace actually sits in a valley but I'm sure the back yard views are nice. Good luck to any parents trying to keep their kids off THAT.


Mrs.Loonie said...

This is actually Grayling Terrace, which is not included in the Abasand Height's subdivision. Grayling is it's own seperate subdivision, which was built in the 80's.

Way Way Up said...

Hi Mrs. Loonie. I was still familiarizing myself with the city at the time I wrote this post. I try to go back and correct errors as I've become more acquainted with the community. Just didn't go back far enough to catch this oversight I suppose. And I do plan to head over there sometime this summer to do some more exploring.