Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Love Waterfalls...

but just not in the living room. OK, it wasn't quite a waterfall but when Lisa called me on the cell late last week and told me there was water coming through the living room ceiling, a waterfall image went through my head. It was really more of an intermittent dripping than a deluge but still not something you want to hear.

Nothing in the upstairs bathroom has been changed since when the house was built around 1980 and its starting to show. The pipes to the bathtub developed a slow leak which gradually found its way down to the first floor. It will all be fixed up eventually (hopefully without too much disruption to the daycare). It just seems a bit odd to have a big whole cut in the livingroom.

We had pipe problems with our last house down in Janvier (aren't we consistent?)but at least this time it thankfully has nothing to do with sewage.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

OH NO!!! Hope you didn't have too much damage!

Way Way Up said...

Thankfully not...the hole in the ceiling wasn't all that big but they did have to cut a pretty big hole in the livingroom ceiling and wall to gain access to all the pipes. There was no damage to any personal affects which is a big relief. Better to fix it now than later. The bathroom is so 1980's so we can't wait until we can give it a full reno.