Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working Man

If you've been following this blog for any length of time you might think that I don't do much with my time given all the talk and photos of trails, rivers and scenic views. Tomorrow though its back to business bright and early as I head off to work. I've been working quietly behind the scenes looking for work since having resigned my position down in Janvier. I have to admit I was a little antsy at times given that the past three months has been the longest I've been without work in the past ten years. So, it took a little longer than than planned given that its summer and the big oil companies tend to do more hiring during toward the fall but work is work all the same. This is Fort McMurray after all and while it might take a little time to find something, people seem to find work without too much trouble. I've always believed that if you are hard-working and determined enough, you'll never be out of work for too long of a stretch. And so it's now come to pass.

Lisa spoke with a client who happens to be an assistant manager in charge of hiring and helped put an end to all the resume-handing-out I've been doing the last little while. The position isn't glamorous but for now I'll take it. At least its a short walk from the house which in this auto-crazy town is a welcome thing. I have resumes in with a lot of the big oil companies and many smaller ones that are tied into the oil patch as well as a position down at Keyano College that (at the risk of mentioning it here and jinxing myself) I'd love to land. For the moment though I know I can expect to get a lot of hours which suits me well as I like to keep busy...and I'm sure I'll still have time left over to explore the area more too.

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