Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Light Up Our Lives

Oh this crazy weather! We've seen more thunder storms in the past couple weeks than I've seen in the past 6 years. Of course that's mainly because of where I lived in Nunavut where big thunderstorms are pretty rare events. If I find myself cursing the daytime heat I try to remind myself that, unlike southern Ontario, there is very little in terms of added humidity here. Anyhow, all this unsettled weather has had us under a thunderstorm advisory for a large part of the day. Hopefully, the lightening doesn't add to any more forest fires up here. We haven't lived here long enough to see just how this summer stacks up in terms of the severity of forest fires although it has been a pretty dry summer and there have been a number of fire bans around Fort Mac. The largest fire in the province at the moment happens to lie not very far from here, though last time I heard it was at least partially under control. I've heard a few people mention about concerns from smoke being blown into town from this fire but I can't say that I've really noticed it myself. The only reason the fire caught my attention was because we happened to travel up that way toward the Firebag River back in February.

In other news, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was back into the classroom Tuesday evening to pick up a couple of safety courses in order to start sending resumes off into the oil patch. I passed both of them with flying colours though it took me a little longer to complete the tests than I thought it would. It's been 10 years since university, the course was all on computer, and I'm just not a visual learner. But pass it I did so I have the basic knowledge and awareness in order not to be a safety hazard on a construction site. And we can all breath a little easier now.

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