Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Atari Anyone?

Clearing out a closet under the basement stairs in preparation for a yard sale, Lisa came across a bit of '80's nostalgia. It seems that when the previous owners moved out, they left behind an Atari game system. I used to have one as a kid growing up so my interest was piqued immediately. Included along with the system were a set of controllers along with a number of games. Remember Defender and Missile Control? Yup, we got them. All in all, it was a neat little find. We haven't had time to set it up to find out if it works or not but we're hopeful. I'm not sure if we'll hang onto it or not but even if it doesn't work I'm sure it's still worth something to someone. Any takers?


Morena said...

Love that!! I would keep it and play with it a while. I hope they left you Centepede!

Meandering Michael said...

Cool! I remember the moment when I made it to Level 99 on Defender and how very disappointed I was to see that it didn't go on to Level 100 but only started back at Level 1.

Way Way Up said...

I know! What a gyp!