Saturday, August 7, 2010


Earlier in the week I had an opportunity to explore a new pathway that led down the forested slope of on the edge of our subdivision to the river. The pathway comes just above the water intake plant pretty close to where we were when we've taken most of our other pictures of the Athabasca. Hopefully I'll make it back to this particular vantage point later on this winter when there is less foliage blocking the view but here you can catch a glimpse down into the valley along with part of the new bridge currently under construction.

This picture isn't as good at showing the downtown core but it gives a better view of the original blue metal bridge built during the '60's.

I have it on good authority that this particular area is also a good spot to catch views of American Kestrels. While I didn't see any on this day (a number of Grackles gave me a pretty good fly-by though), I definitely plan to re-visit here with my binoculars the next chance I get.

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