Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last week Lisa and I were down to Edmonton** for our first ultrasound appointment. It was a pretty exciting experience for me since it was the first time I've ever seen an ultrasound in progress. Suddenly things seem very real. A new little person is on the way.

The baby is now at 14 weeks and as of last Thursday weighed in at a whopping 2 oz with a heart rate of 147 bpm. And it was a really cool experience.....the brain, the spine, the round little head were all their to see in all their grey grainy glory on the monitor.

So far so good, although we did have a couple days of angst earlier this week. After returning from Edmonton, Lisa got a call from the family doctor. We were a little surprised that nothing was said at the ultrasound but apparently there was a little concern. I went to work yesterday not knowing what to expect and I called Lisa after her appointment was through. As it turns out, Lisa has a condition known as "placenta previa" meaning the placenta is lower in the womb than its supposed to be. So the baby is fine though in all likelihood it will be born by c-section. Initially, the idea that the baby may have to come a little early was of some concern to me but then all the children have come earlier than expected. So as long as we take things easy and follow up on medical advice, things should work out just fine and we can expect a little bundle of joy on or about April 5, 2011. And while I'm terrible at predicting things, I've had the feeling over the past couple weeks that it will turn out to be a girl. We'll know more of course after our next appointment so we will definitely keep you posted.

**Thankfully my little soldiers can navigate much better than I can as we got turned around and lost a few times in Edmonton on the way back. Note to self - maps and knowing what direction you are headed in work wonders.

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Morena said...

That's so exciting!! There's nothing like getting your first look at that little person.