Friday, December 17, 2010

12.3 Pounds!

We are soon heading into our 25th week of pregnancy and all the things that come along with it....the mood swings, appetites, weight gain, absent mindedness and all that fun stuff.....and that's just me.

Wait! Did I say weight gain? Yes, I seem to have put on a few pounds over the last few weeks. Who would ever have guessed. Those who know me best know I'm not exactly built like a linebacker. Weight gain has been something I've struggled with for a number of years. I had always been told by medical professionals I have a fast metabolism, that and, well, I admit, I don't always eat as intelligently as I know I should. It's not that I'm terribly unhealthy or in danger or anything but a few extra pounds on me are always a nice thing. If anything, its extra insulation to help endure a harsh Fort McMurray winter. I never would have believed it all myself but indeed I have put on a few pounds.

A couple weeks ago as I was getting ready for a hot shower after work (you can put this image out of your mind if you find the visual disturbing) I noticed my stomach protruding just a little more than it usually does. Admittedly this isn't all that much but still. Anyhow, I chalked it up to the meal I had just eaten and paid no more mind to until a few days ago. I had definitely started to feel stronger and felt I had gained a little muscle mass so I decided to check out my weight on the scale.

The first scale was rather old, so when I saw the number staring back at me I didn't get overly excited. It wasn't until I used Lisa's brand new electronic scale that things got interesting. According to her scale (the accuracy of which I have no reason to doubt) I clocked in 12.3 pounds heavier than when I had last weighed myself back in the summer.

I'm still in a state of shock and wonderment and really I want to step back on that scale just to confirm I'm not crazy. I know I've definitely put on some muscle over the past couple months (though I doubt I'll be fielding any calls from NFL agents anytime soon) which is always a good thing. I'm pretty much the oldest guy on my shift so it's nice to know I can keep up with all the testosterone-filled young guns I work with. I'm not done yet as another 20 pound gain would be really nice but it sure does put an extra bit of strut in my walk.

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