Sunday, January 23, 2011

...And The Result Is In!

Lisa and the kids left yesterday morning for Edmonton for her 3D ultrasound. It was a date we had been looking forward to for sometime since this whole 3D thing is new to both of us. We look forward to having some really nice keepsake photos and it was videotaped for us as well. I will have to wait a little while longer to see it as I stayed back in town for work. The appointment also cleared up the long-running issue of whether the child will be a girl or a boy. Our two previous ultrasounds, taken at 17 and 23 weeks, failed to give us a solid answer. But now we know.

I had given Lisa the cellphone to take with her so the plan was to call her for the news once I got home. Patience isn't one of my strong suits however, and I borrowed a cell off from a young lad at work and called her on the bus ride home to hear the big announcement.

Now I'm sure this will become one of the world's worst-kept secrets and will leak out eventually so if you're on either mine or Lisa's Facebook page and catch wind of it......mums the word for now.