Monday, January 17, 2011


We're shivering through a bit of a cold snap here, waking up yesterday to a windchill of -43C. (With luck, it should warm by the end of the week. Tomorrow would be even better since I go back to work.) Fortunately, this hasn't kept the birds away and I continue to delight at the diversity of bird life we see without even leaving a warm house. Grosbeaks, waxwings, redpolls, chickadees, the ubiquitous raven....even a bluejay have all made an appearance either in the front yard trees or at the backyard feeder.

The only unwelcome visitor we've had has been the neighbourhood squirrel. While the little sucker can't get at the one feeder, he's figured out a way to get to the other one. I had picked up a second feeder a couple weeks ago but somehow between the store and the house, the cord to hang it went AWOL. For the time being (because trudging through the snow that's built up in the back yard is a chore and I was inpatient to get the feeder up) I've hung it from a low-lying branch and will have to get something sturdier to tie it on so our little squirrel can't pilfer birdseed.

The squirrel has become such a fixture that the kids have taken to calling it Cookie. Why this name, I have no idea. But Cookie, I know where you that big pine tree two houses down. Enjoy your snack for now because as soon as I get a chance to move that feeder, you'll be looking for a meal somewhere else.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Why so anti-squirrel?? Just buy him a special feeder too!

Way Way Up said...

LOL.....writing this post reminded me of your squirrel post awhile back when one got into one of your pies on the back deck.