Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting An Answer......Maybe

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, we are now into Week 29 of our pregnancy here at the chateau. The big question still remains to be answered - boy or girl? And the answer is...well, we still don't know. BUT this coming weekend, Lisa is heading down to Edmonton for a 3D ultrasound. With luck we will be able to put the question of the baby's gender to rest as the suspense has been killing me especially.

Babies have been very much on my mind particularly since a young fellow at work just gave birth (well, his girlfriend really) and another girl I work with (who has also become a good family friend) is also expecting shortly after us. There's a good chance we might not find out until the delivery since the baby has reached a size that it can't move around as much so if it has its legs crossed or is lying in some funky position, we'll just have to wait a little longer.

But I'm cool with that. Nature will take it's course. It will just take a little longer than expected. In the meantime, we are all prepared for baby and we will soon have some really neat 3D images to pour over and share.

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