Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The one thing that was been discussed and debated a lot lately between Lisa and I is a name for the coming baby. Initially, we had a name picked out depending on whether it was a girl or a boy. A couple weeks ago though we decided to change one of the names and that led to our list potential names to grow, seemingly by the day. Our only real criteria were that I should have 3 syllables, like the other children and that a biblical name would be preferred, again, to fit in with Tamara, Nicholas and Elijah. Also, we wanted a name that fit with the others children's when you said them all in order.

Fortunately, we have discovered after our most recent ultrasound that Mother Nature has taken mercy on us and we no longer have to worry about picking from this long list as we only had one name picked out for the gender of child which this one happens to be. Sorry for the awkward wording. I'm just trying to phrase things in a way that doesn't give things away quite yet.

The only other issue that came up (one that I admit I hadn't given all that much thought to) was that of the baby's surname. Tamara, Nicholas and Elijah are all Quennevilles felt that by giving the new baby my surname, it might make it feel a little left out....or make Tamara, Nicholas and Elijah feel left out with one sibling born a Steele and Lisa taking on my surname once we get married. In the end, we decided to cut the Gordian Knot down the middle and will quite likely hyphenate the baby's last name, making him/her a Quenneville-Steele, which we think has a nice ring to it.


Megan said...

A biblical name with three syllables, eh? Well, this has just become very interesting.


Way Way Up said...

We have our name all picked out......just need the baby to give it to! :)

Jaime said...

Jeez...I had to read that one sentence again because I thought you were saying Mother Nature took the baby away. :S I was seriously alarmed for a moment! Glad that's not the case.

And so now I wait with baited breath for the arrival of Junior!