Friday, January 21, 2011

A Small World In A Big City

Fort McMurray being what it is, we soon discovered it's pretty difficult to find people who were actually born and grew up here. Everyone seems to be from somewhere else. The one place I can compare this city to is Iqaluit and while I never lived there, I did pass through there a number of times and with its relatively young population hailing from a plethora places, flung all over the Canadian landscape, well, I can see the two places having this characteristic in common. Fort Mac is just on a much larger scale.

Something like 17% of the population is from Newfoundland. No big surprise there as Fort Mac is often referred to as the unofficial capital of Newfoundland. But we're finding that our home province of Ontario gives Newfoundland a run for its money. (We also have a pretty vibrant Philipino and Somali community here I should add.) One of the guys I work with grew up in Collingwood, Ontario, where I was born and not long ago, I randomly passed a couple girls and overheard them mention Brockville and Cornwall, both places where Lisa grew up. I also struck up a short conversation with truck driver who was making a pick up at work who hails from Peterborough. Back in the fall, I bumped into a couple of people in the course of my day who mentioned they were from Colborne, Ontario, a small town not far from where my parents live. I actually went there a couple times for a dentist visit back when I was working up in Nunavut. The kicker though, happened Christmas Eve when I bumped into some familiar faces at the mall while out picking up some last minute gifts with the family....friends of my parents, who used to live just down the road from where I grew up and who are now working here.

Small world.

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