Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things Are Bound To Happen

By now I'm sure many people have heard the news and seen the video about the coker explosion up at the CNRL site. It's fortunate no one was killed. There's a lot of dangerous work in the oil patch and everyday you can come home safe to your family is a blessing.Initially I wasn't going to post anything as I don't want to get sucked into any debates with rabid environmentalists and unionists and I don't want to sound all alarmist. (My job site has its share of hazards and you do your best to be aware of them and not obsess over them, otherwise you won't get very much work done.) Statistically, I'm sure I have a higher chance of getting dinged by a car on the way home (and there were several accidents yesterday) or getting clocked crossing a busy Fort McMurray intersection (which almost happened last month.....why people here can't simply slow down a little is beyond me).

Anyhow, in such massive operations like the oil sands, accidents are bound to happen inspite of the best of precautions. (I was told Suncor is the size of downtown Calgary.....and that's just one site.) That's just the nature of the beast you're dealing with. I'll leave all the nasty rhetoric to all the armchair analysts, activists, politicians and anyone else who frankly cares more. I'm sure I won't be getting any offers anytime soon from any of those advocates for shutting down the oil sands to pay my mortgage on my behalf. In the meantime, I just keep soldiering on.....but I think I'm going to enjoy my time off first.

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