Saturday, February 26, 2011

For Unto Us A Scaffolder Is Born....apparently

As I mentioned in my last post, WinterPlay has kicked off here in Fort McMurray. What I didn't realize was that my employer was one of the sponsors. Lisa took the above photo while we were at the fireworks display the other evening.

Now, just for a laugh, because I was in one of my goofy moods, I started pointing out all the parts of this scaffolding structure and naming them for Elijah. (His vocabulary has been steadily growing as of late.) So I point out a ledger and say, "ledger". To my pleasant surprise he repeats "ledger," quite, um, legibly actually. I show him a couple other pieces and within a couple minutes he was pointing them out and saying their names as we walked around the structure. It's truly amazing the amount of information his little brain picks up and what he retains. The kid sure knows his ledgers, standards and braces!

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