Monday, February 28, 2011

Nanny A No Go

As I mentioned back in the fall, we have been in the process of taking on a Nanny. The idea was that this would provide Lisa with the option of working outside the home once we felt the baby was old enough and allow me the option of working longer shifts over the summer, on top of the added benefits of keeping things organized around the chateau.

We had been receiving fairly regular updates through the agency we decided to go through and the last major hurtle was just the visa. Unfortunately, we got word last week that our chosen nanny was denied a work visa so we are left back at square one again with profiles to view, interviews to conduct and then all the inevitable paperwork that follows. We are anticipating having the nanny here for June so this is quite the inconvenience for us. I have no idea why our nanny wasn't allowed a visa. Typical government letting any riff raff into the country yet denying highly qualified people who actually want to come here to work is my guess. How typical.

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