Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekly Run Down

Most of the last several posts were written up last weekend and between that time and now a lot of things have happened. With tomorrow being my 22nd work day this month, finding time time to blog has been a bit of a challenge. Here then, is a brief rundown of the goings-on around the chateau here.

1. There will soon be a baby in the house. Yes, I know I've already posted on our pregnancy but here I am referring to Lisa's sister's baby. Lisa's mom, sister and baby Jayce will be arriving from Ontario tomorrow for visit and to lend a hand. Jayce will be 3 months old next month so once our own little bundle of joy arrives we will have 2 babies in the one toddler, two kids, a dog, a Darcy.....yup full house.

2. This past Tuesday marked the start of Week 34 of our pregnancy. The end is near. Lisa was feeling a lot of pressure earlier this week on her pelvic bone and posterior and last night we watched a few birthing videos on YouTube to give me a taste of what to expect. We were already into the hospital a short time ago when Lisa experienced some bleeding so things have suddenly become very real. I vowed after that experience about which end of the bed I will be sitting at when the moment comes but am now having second thoughts. The fathers in the videos we watched were pretty calm and composed and I'd like to be able to say I was right there to see the crown and pop right out. I'm sure I'll do just fine when its all said and down. I know at least I won't be acting like this guy here.

3. Work has been particularly busy with shut downs/turn around starting back in January. This is when the various plants around Suncor are shut down for annual cleanly and maintenance. All the scaffolding around the plants needs to be taken out for this and replaced and of course any new building will also require scaffolding. What this means for me is that I can expect a lot of hours (I've worked a 10-hour shift every day this month except for two) and this process will continue for the next little while.

4. Last weekend the kids and I caught another hockey game. This time is was the Oil Barons last regular game of the season. The kids enjoyed it and our team won, out shooting the visitors by a rather ridiculous margin. With luck we'll catch a play off game or two as the team (like last year) is expected to go quite far into the playoffs.

5. Inspite of a heavy work schedule, I was still able to participate in this year's Great Backyard Bird Count. A total of 68 Common Ravens were swooping in the distance while I was waiting to board the bus home from work Sunday evening. It's the only time I've seen that many altogether out on site. Its like they somehow knew I had to get a big count in. For a few minutes I felt I was back in Nunavut since, for the most part, Ravens are all you see this time of year.

There are a few more things I know I've forgotten about but its beginning to get a little late in the evening here and a 4am wake up comes early.

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