Monday, March 28, 2011

Eviction Please

It's been a bit of a spell since my last post and I can report that there is still no baby, though I know by now Lisa is wishing and hoping it will all be over soon. It will be 39 weeks tomorrow making it her longest pregnancy.

We were sure the baby would come at around 36 weeks and true to form Lisa started showing signs of labour about 3 weeks ago. We were only at the hospital a short time before being sent home. To cut short a long narrative, we've been to the hospital 4 or 5 times now, each time with the same end result. I have to admit being a little perturbed at the state of health services here. While its one thing to read about how Fort McMurray has the busiest maternity ward in the province, its quite another thing to experience it first hand. Rather than go off on a tangent suffice it say that were we back in Ontario, I'm sure we'd have avoided a lot of the grief and aggravation we've had to endure.

On a more positive note,(we are expecting a bundle of joy here shortly after all) the decision was made a few days ago that should baby not make an appearance by this weekend that Lisa would be induced this coming Friday.

Yes, our baby may be born on April Fool's Day, which is kind of fitting, considering all the false alarms and run-arounds we've experienced the past 3 weeks or so.


Clare said...

Nice to get an update Darcy. My sister was just asking if I knew whether you guys had the baby yet? and she was bemoaning the fact that you hadn't written in a while.

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Clare. Its been a long road for sure but it looks like things will start to happen very soon here. I'll keep everyone posted as always.

Bonnie said...

Congrats on the newest addition! I work casual on obstetrics in Edmonton and in recent years seeing more complex situations as a social worker and generally busier...24 hrs for vag delivery and 3 days for c-section stay. The weekend just before your son was born the staff at the Mis said the busiest in 10 years..however the staff is great and often have been around much longer than onother wards. I hope you got some good staff for your birth.

Way Way Up said...

Apparently, Gabriel was the first of many babies born here last week. I've been told that the weekend preceeding his birth saw something like 39 newborns at the health centre here. Pretty crazy! I guess we really do have long cold winters