Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'd Be Trailside If I Could

Earlier this month I mentioned the Three Forts Dog Sled Race due to take place here March 3-6. I mention it again for a couple reasons I suppose. Firstly, as much as I'd love to be there, I'll be working so I'll miss it. Lisa plans to take the kids down for the start of it though so we should wind up with a few pictures of the event at the very least.

The other reason for mentioning the race is that it turns out one of the participants is originally from my neck of the woods in Ontario. Reading through the WinterPlay brochure, I came across the name of Aaron Peck, who will be a musher in the race. Peck is a tried and true Albertan now but grew up in Coburg/Grafton, Ontario, not that far from my parents'.

Peck has participated in the world-renowned Iditarod and his participation will add some prestige to the event. Yes, this race isn't quite like the Iditarod (for one thing, it's only about one-tenth the distance) so anything that will bring more attention to our race here is welcomed. You can check out Aaron's website here.

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