Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whacking Frogs

Give a boy a frog, a mallet and a target and you can have a lot of fun. Nick really got a kick out of this little game at WinterPlay.

Elijah was eager to whack a frog as well. As soon as he realized how the launching worked (thanks to Nick's many enthusiastic demonstrations) and that you can whack up to three frogs at a time, he just had to try.

While taking the photo below, I couldn't help thinking that this could only end badly given how Nick's hand is an open target. The whole idea of two-year-olds wielding mallets generally makes me a politician or lawyer ensuring you they have your best interests in mind sort of thing. Elijah was much more interested in hitting the frogs than hitting the target......and Nick's hand made it through okay. In any event, only rubber frogs were hurt during the creation of this blog post.

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