Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Scaffolding Has Taught Me

Reading through our humble blog I'm sure life here can easily come across as one crazy adventure after another. But it's not always like that. Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I lose my patience. Sometimes I yell. Sometimes I let the stupid minutiae of life get the better of me. Sometimes I screw up. Sometimes I screw up big time.

In scaffolding you need strong standards in order to build. Standards are one of the basic building blocks to which you attach your ledgers, braces, tubes, name it. All it takes is a defective rosette, a missing banana or perhaps a little rust and you could have a disaster on your hands.

Parents remind me in many ways of scaffolding standards. Without strong parents, a family buckles and collapses. If children are the planks then strong parents are essential building blocks for holding them up, for helping them to reach the next level.

Scaffolding is also pretty strong, durable stuff and trust me, I've seen some pretty beat up, bitumen- and mud-encrusted material in return racks. Care must be taken to separate the dirty and damaged parts from the clean, usable parts. They can never mix, at least if you want the results you're looking for. As a former educator, I've seen some pretty messed up, damaged families. This prods me to be cognizant of taking time to work on your family, to clean up the parts that need fixing, to have strong standards.

Strong scaffolding is important. It's used in all manner of construction. You can use it to build wonderous things. Strong families are important too. They help to build strong, healthy societies.

Soon enough, my family will be adding on our newest piece of scaffolding. I just hope and pray I will be a strong enough standard. Those little planks I hold up deserve nothing less.

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