Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Big Snip

Well, this may be a bit of a delicate topic but it is what it is so here goes. Lisa and I decided to have Gabriel circumcised and while we know this brings up a debate with strong opinions on both sides, in the end we decided in favour of it for reasons of hygiene and also so that the little guy will look like his two older brothers and not grow up with a stigma of being somehow "different". So this afternoon, Lisa took Gabriel in to the hospital for his snip-snip. Who knew such a delicate procedure could cost so much? $400? Ouch! That's pain. Didn't they just do these things back in the day as a matter of course? Oh how times have changed!

Anyhow, to spare you all the details, the little guy came through it not too badly. There was a lot more bleeding than Lisa expected necessitating some disolvable stitches. Lisa also kinda passed out but is just fine now. Gabriel....well, he's resting comfortably in my arms now as I peck out this post with one finger, none the worse for wear.


Meandering Michael said...

I imagine he's probably feeling a little... light-headed.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Lisa passed out???

And that is one heck of a pricey snip!