Monday, April 4, 2011

Looking Back

The month of April marks an important milestone for the family here as we officially moved into our house here one year ago today not long after taking possession. The past 365 days have seen tremendous change - Lisa started her day care shortly after the move; An April snow storm threw us for a loop; the kids started at a new school late in the school year but adapted quickly; I stepped back from my teaching career and took up a new position in the oil patch to give me more family time....and yes, we just recently have welcome a new addition into the family.

There's certainly been a great deal of change and its been quite a ride. Who knows what adventures and tribulatons the next 365 days will bring?


-N- said...

Your new job sounds so gruelling- I guess it's a compressed work week then to give you more time at home?

Way Way Up said...

My work sched is definitely busy. I was working 7am-5pm, 10 on-4 off up until a week ago when my work days were changed to 8am-6pm due to shut down/turn arounds on site. Unfortunately, when you factor in traffic and busing times, my days seem a little longer. Just makes my days off more precious.

I'm slowly casting about employment with a better schedule so we'll see. Given the way things work in Fort McMurray, long work hours are just the nature of the beast. I do count myself fortunate though as I know a number of guys at work from back East who haven't seen family in months.