Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Election According To Gabe

So another federal election has come and gone. I have to admit that what I thought would be a very predictable outcome was not the case at all. In any event I didn't cast a ballot, which was too bad really, since this would have been the first election I've voted in where the person I voted for actually won. Truthfully, I was pretty tired from work and was just looking forward to watching the election coverage on tv and relaxing (if such a thing is possible for a self-professed political junkie). In any event, my MP, whom I support whole-heartedly, won by a landslide and his party, for good or ill, will govern the country for the next 4-or-so years.

For a different take on things, here is Gabriel's reaction to our very changed House of Commons.

ANOTHER election....yeesh!

The NDP won seats in Quebec?!

Oh Ignatieff and Duceppe...you guys are just like my diaper.

Congrats on the Green Party's first seat! I knew it was in the bag.

Tory blue all the way.....baby!

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