Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love This Time Of Year

Spring is definitely my favorite time of year, particularly late April/early May as all the birds come back. Compared to where I once lived on Baffin Island, the number of species that over-winter here is of course very conducive to long hours of enjoyment over the winter months. I could easily come up with 10 species I can see over a Fort Mac winter without ever having to leave the comfort of home.

With Spring, the number of new species brings an increase in the sights and sounds. Pretty much everything I can identify with confidence that doesn't spend the winter, shows up during this late April/early May window. Over the course of this past work shift I've noted the arrival of Canada Geese, robins, Ring-billed gulls, what I believe was some sort of hawk and the fan-tail shape of the common Grackle. There's a few green areas I haven't been to in some time that I hope to get out to explore during my next time off this weekend. Come on sunny weather!

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