Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We Are Not Alone

For some time now, Lisa and I had been discussing whether we might find any other blogs out there from Fort McMurray. We had found a few informational type blogs but nothing comparable to a personal blog like this one. Wood Buffalo is a huge area (comparable in size to Switzerland) and it was neat to have such a large blogging territory staked out for ourselves. Alas, we are no longer a lone voice crying out in the boreal wilderness. In recent days, we've come across McMurray Musings. While it is quite a new blog, its author, has been a resident here for a decade, which by Fort McMurray standards, is quite a long time. Check out another window into our little corner of northern Alberta.


McMurray Musings said...

Thank you for your kind mention of my blog! I think our two blogs are wonderful complements to each other as yours is a lovely depiction of family life in Fort Mac while mine is truly meant to be just my observations about life in the city in general. I would be pleased to add a link to your blog on mine, and will do so. Thanks again!

Way Way Up said...

Thanks for the add!