Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fire Update

For the first time in...while I'm not sure actually, the wildfire hazard level for the region is listed as "moderate" rather than "extreme", aided in part due to the rather heavy rain we've (thankfully) received the past couple of days. This is all welcome news for anyone hoping to get out and enjoy a campfire or backyard fire as I believe the fire ban has now been lifted.

As of last night the status of the Richardson Fire had been changed from "out of control" to "being held". Being held at 613 360 hectares. That's 9 times the size of the City of Edmonton or as I've also been told, it's comparable in size to the entire province of Prince Edward Island.

Even as I type this at this late hour, the rain has started falling again. Not so much fun to work outside in but still greatly needed by our boreal forest.

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