Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Red-Winged Black Bird

There's a small green area with a storm pond in it a short walk from the house that seems to be quite the hot spot for red-winged black birds. At least, this is the one area where I have seen them in the greatest numbers. I spent a good hour this past weekend checking out some fierce aerobatic displays as both males and females aggressively defended their territory among the cat tails from invading grackles.

They are intensely loyal to each other with paired off male and female never venturing very far from each other and calling for each other as they darted from cat tail to grassy ground to tree top and back. Generally the zoom feature on my camera isn't the greatest but a little digi-scoping helped.....

...and the brilliant crimson shoulder patches meant that even when I wasn't very quick on the draw, they still turned out quite distinctly against the green background.

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